$500 To $950+

$500 To $950+ EVERY DAY METHOD – No Fake – UNSATURATED – 100% LEGAL

$500 To $900+ EVERY DAY METHOD – No Fluff – UNSATURATED – 100% LEGAL


Let’s start 2020 with this exclusive VIP method, never shared before and which will blow up your mind as it’s pretty easy to implement.

I let you appreciate some very recent earnings directly from this method:

OGAds and CPABuild

OGAds and CPABuild (and most cpa networks) require at least some kind of reward to the users at the end of completion.
Make sure you are aware of this. (This is a general warning of most cpa networks)

If you are worried about this above – either do this method more legit or offer a “$100 Giveaway” as a one time thing and make sure you include terms of service saying something like “Giveaway winner will be announced in 2021” – Technically it’s still legit.

Ben (the owner of OGADs) is aware of this method and if you get denied for this method. He told you if anyone who has problems getting approved email [email protected].

Here’s a couple of days of me doing it (You can also speak w/ anyone on OGAds and they’ll vouch this works. I have like 5 other people I taught before releasing this.) That’s just 7 days of me doing it on one of my other accounts (I have 2 ogads account). This was 2 weeks of me doing it when I was.


OGAdsCPABuild account or any CPA Network account.
– Access to Snapchat
– Mobile device (iPhone 6 preferred)
– Decent internet connection to receive snap messages


I’ve told a hand-full of people on what this method is and they’ve been generating $100+ a day on OGAdsCPABuild but you can do this pretty much on any cpa network and can be used for pretty much anything including affiliated marketing/adult whatever you want.

Let me give a quick summary of what this is. I actually invented this method and made roughly $100,000 in a couple of months. I hit an all time high of $3000 a day with this method with a lot of accounts. One account can generate $100-$300 a day depending how hard you work- I still do it but in a whole complete different way. This is a viral share method using Snapchat.

Every person you speak to can be worth $1-$8 per conversion and they will be messaging you begging you. all tier 1 traffic If done correctly.

What to do?

All you have to do is send people 5 steps on snapchat all day. Your niche is a $100 giveaway – you’l be giving out “$100” on snapchat if they complete a couple of steps. Step 1 is what fuels this method it’s called “The Viral Share” method – you get people to share your snapchat to their friends. Step 2 is “downloading” apps to “verify” that they haven’t asked money from you previously. Step 3 is “surveys” it’s what pays for the method. Step 4 can be more surveys or I used to use “Dosh” an app based in the US they pay $5 – $15 per referral.

Snapchat does NOT limit on messages

Per account I was hitting 600 msgs – 800 msgs an hour. They do ban after a couple of weeks of using the same account. But keep reading – I’ll teach you down below on how to keep this going. They also limit “adds” to 2k per account and if you add 500 people an hour they’ll temporarily block you – as far as messages they literally give 0 fu*ks.

Basically what you’ll be doing is getting initial traffic on a snapchat you can do this by purchasing shoutouts or getting free traffic from websites like “OurTeenNetwork” or reddit snapchat usernames or “Wink” app on IOS – this is the hardest part is the initial traffic but once going I’ll show you ways to make it easier. You need initial traffic then you can continue to step 1 which fuels this method.

1 person shares to their friends that’s 100 people – another 10 people out of there shares to 100 people – that’s 100 people – those 100 people share to 100 people that’s another 1000 people (not everyone msgs you after getting a share obviously)

This is the key to the method.

I would highly recommend using an iPhone as you’ll get so many messages after time that it’s ridiculous. Also, you need to upload REAL stories – I used a video of my car, bank account picture showing money or cash and say “Hey guys want to make $100? Follow the steps and dm me” – Photoshop some cash app, PayPal or transactions showing you sent to people and post those on stories too.

You can also pay someone on Fiverr or find someone that is able to do this here on blackhatworld marketplace (unsure if they offer this)

Here at the steps you should have:

Step 0:
“hey you added me for the $100? correct?”

This step is getting them to share to all their contacts

You’d make a video presentation and send them something like:
“Hey man! This step 1 for your $100!” Please complete all the steps shown in the video and I’ll send you the next step for $100. It only takes about 5 minutes to do and it’s free to do!”

This is what fuels the method.
One person will basically share to 300+ people (ALL US BASED) that your snapchat is giving away $100. They will add you and message you and then you will send them this exact step again. This is the sauce I invented and can be used for many niches.

This step is self explanatory just getting them to download apps. It would be something like:
“Hey man here’s step 2 follow all the steps in the video to get $100!”


This step is pretty much the same as step 2 but you need to make them do surveys. Now bare in mind this is all 99% US traffic. so you can imagine how high the payouts are and how I made so much money doing this.

Step 4:
Can be Dosh or more surveys or maybe even selling products. Whatever you want.

More Information to Make This Easy:

An iPhone is highly recommended because you’ll literally get 800+ msgs an hour after doing this for a while on the same account. I would also recommend making another snapchat and shouting out traffic once you get your first account going that way when your first account gets banned you don’t have to worry about initial traffic.

By Dan

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