Earn passive income

Earn passive income by using CPA Cams and CPA Network (200$/day)

Earn passive income by using CPA Cams and CPA Network (200$/day)

Hello and welcome to our money making e-book. We are looking forward to see your earnings.

We have divided this e-book into a couple of simple steps and some bonus traffic methods. We have also included
screenshots to help you with following the guide in a easier way. Please do these steps. Do not be lazy and !follow them later! follow them right after you read this e-book! You will be earning your first money very soon, and after some time you will be getting 50-70$ per day even on autopilot! We are currently using this method and we earn around 60-100$ per day on autopilot, but we are working to get more traffic and more money every day.



The CPA Network we will be using for generating leads and our money is called CrakRevenue. You can sign up: >> USING THIS LINK << . On this website you get very good offers for adult/cams traffic. That’s right , we will be generating adult traffic.

When you will register they will review your application and then email you if you have been accepted or not.


You have to explain why you want to work with them etc. Just write some honest stuff here, for example:

– I currently do not have a website, but i am using social media and ads campaigns to promote your offers. I will also be building a tumblr website to get traffic.
I heard about CrakRevenue on a forum and i read all the positive reviews about your company. I am looking forward to work with you. Thank you for reading my application.

Best Regards, your name here –

It usually takes about a day for them to review your application and email you the decision they make. The
payment methods available on the site are cheque, wire, paxum and payoneer. (We are using Paxum).



Now that you have registered let’s have a look at their web/cam offers. You will find a lot of offers, ranging from 1 up
to 100$ or even more. But we will be focusing on free sign-up webcam offers (DOI/SOI). They are paying 2.5$ for each user that signs up to the website (from specific countries).

Earn passive income

So these campaigns are paying us 2.5$ for each user that signs up for free on the website. Now all that is left for us to do is to generate some traffic!



You will have to copy your referral link and use it later. This is your campaign referral link.

Earn passive income



The second method we will be using needs a bit more explaining. We will be using sexting forums, like kiksexting.com, sextingforum.net, snapchatgirls.com,… So first of all, you can register to these forums. Now what you will need to do, is, you will have to upload a sexy avatar. Just google for some naked girls, put them as your avatar and you are good to go. Now we will make our post. You can just copy and paste the same post in to all of the sections of the forum.


Earn passive income by using CPA Cams and CPA Network (200$/day)

First of all, the title. Your title should attract the horny people that are registered on sexting forums. You should try something like »19F, sending nudes, horny and lonely« or something along these lines, you get the point.

In the post write something similar to »hey guys, soooo horny right now, i am currently filming myself on my webcam, come check me out and sign up for free <3 then pm me your username to get into the private webcam room and also get my kik & snapchat <3«.

And below this text you will put a picture of a »video« that will have hyperlink in it, connecting to your referral
link to webcam offer sign up (getting you the 2.5$).

To do this, you need to get another sexy picture, a full naked body works best. And you also need a »play video« button. Do a simple google search and choose the one you like. Now all you need to do is put the »play« button into the picture. I am pretty basic here, i use MS Paint.

Your »video« should look something like this. (replace pussy with a pussy)

Earn passive income

Now put your referral link as a hyperlink in the picture, so if a person clicks to »play« the video, they will actually click your referral link.
Now you are ready to post your thread. After you do this, keep making these posts on different topics and different forums. You can just copy and paste them if you are lazy.



For this method we will be using a Tumblr website. This takes some time to set up and getting it to autopilot, but it makes you the BIG bucks.


Earn passive income

Choose an attractive user name, something like Hot, Sexy Teens Exposed (just an example) and select your accordingly to your name. While you’re in your account settings make sure to uncheck the safe mode option in the Dashboard tab to make it easier to find the tags you’re interested in.

Earn passive income

When you have created your username and avatar, open your new tumblr page. Choose your page’s URL wisely, by placing your best keywords inside of the URL, separated by hyphens (e.g. hot-sexy-teensexposed.tumblr.com) this way the search engines can easily find it. Set the account preferences for your page, and make sure to check the NSFW content option.


Now click on your blog’s link. Then, click on Customize in the upper right hand corner. There you will be able to choose your tumblr theme. Keep in mind that you will mostly be posting pictures and you’ll have a bunch of free ones available to you right from the start. So choose a theme appropriate for this.

Earn passive income

Then you will have to add your blog’s title and description using good keywords and you’re almost set.

Earn passive income

If your Tumblr is named hot-sexy-teens-exposed.tumblr.com, your visitors will probably be expecting amateur, teen, girlfriends content.
Consistency is the key here. Stick to the plan for each page (niche) and don’t mix them all together, if you have sexy teens exposed do not put MILFs inside of your site. Focus on your exact niche.


One thing that makes tumblr an awesome tool is that it generates you traffic from two different levels.
The first level is through search engines. That’s why all your title words and content descriptions are such crucial elements here. Keywords are important. This is what puts your posts on Google seach.

People landing on your page want to find what they are looking for, always keep that in mind as mentioned in step one, consistancy about your niche.

If your content is consistent – exactly as you describe it, your visitors will stay on your page longer and keep browsing it. Content relevant to visitor’s search makes your visitors stay. Visitors staying longer makes your page rank higher. With a higher ranking and more visitors looking for relevant content, you’ll be getting higher rankings in Google search.

The second level is in tumblr’s internal traffic by using tags. Do a little search here. You will find posts relevant to your content.

Earn passive income

Look around and find as much relevant and descriptive tags to fit your content as possible. Build a list and add to it if you think anything is missing. Be creative – and descriptive. Each post is limited to 10 tags maximum, so make sure you add only the most relevant ones AND most importantly, do not use the same ones repeatedly on all your posts. Use a lot of tags on a lot of posts. BUT keep consistent photos.

Earn passive income


Now it’s time to do some posts. You will now be looking for tumblrs of similar interests, some that have content you would like to share on your page. Then, follow them. Now, every time you log in to your dashboard, you will find all this nice content in your feed. Now what you will do is repost that content on your tumblr. Easy.

Earn passive income

We are doing this to gain some popularity and page followers. We achieve that by being active.

This is where a little perseverance is required to succeed. You need to get the wheel spinning and build momentum to keep it going. It should take maybe a week or two depending on the quality of your content and the new information appearing in your newsfeed. But remember, keep quality above quantity.


It’s simple. You don’t want any obvious affiliate links under every click-through pictures. This is what annoys people, sends them away. We have to be smarter than that.

For your regular image posts: Take a series of a few images which build-up in intensity. First something like, see Christy naked here. Write a little blurb under each picture and on the last one write something like, “See Christy’s live cam here“. This last picture will have a click-through link with affiliate code in it. (leading to PPL cam offer on CrakRevenue).

This traffic method also requires some more time to set up, but this will help you make BIG bucks!


In this traffic method we will be using online chatrooms and dating forums. The whole idea is basically equal to method one. You will try to convince the people you talk to register to see your webcam and you will give them a private show or your phone number, be creative. Also, make sure you mention that the register is free, since some are afraid they will have to use their credit card or things like that. The dating forums work the same as the method two, on autopilot.

The webchat however is just a “bonus” method so you can make even more money while the autopilot from forums is generating you money. There are lots of dating forums and adult chatrooms available online, so there is infinite money potential here.


Here we will be basically using Reddit and 4Chan. Register there and make a new post, containing a picture of a hot girl. Then put your link in the post along with something like: streaming right now guys, check my webcam then pm me your name so i can add you in a private webcam room <3.

It will get a lot of guys to your link and they will also register to your website. Remember, each register is worth 2.5$ so you only need 20 registered users and you got yourself 50$. This method generates you a lot of traffic, but isn’t really autopilot. But it is definitely worth doing.


Now when will the autopilot kick in. First you will have to reply to your posts, to get them on the front page, so people see them and you get replies. After some posts your thread will be marked as »hot« and you will constantly be on the first page. When this happens to your thread, congratulations, this thread is now autopilot. You will be making money from it, because it will be shown on top of the Forums and people will see it as soon as they visit the Forum.

Your tumblr kicks in, your page is ranked good, people see your posts, everything is automated! When you are here, you can consider making another tumblr website to create even more earnings!

But if you want to make even more, keep searching for forums. Then you can also choose a different offer at Crakrevenue and create a new forum account and get even more people to sign up, or to sign up once again!

And it will be your second 2.5$ from the same person, just a different offer. Keep making new forum threads, new profiles and search for more sexting forums. Also don’t stop posting on 4chan, Reddit, Chatrooms and dating forums. It also generates a lot of traffic.


This is it guys, it is as easy as that. I remember when we started out, we made my first 2.5$ in 20 minutes and it really gave us some real motivation to work it all out. So go out there right now and start earning!

Thank you for reading our e-Book. If you have any questions regarding it, please contact us on MoneyMake.ME.

Earn passive income by using CPA Cams and CPA Network (200$/day)

Earn passive income by using CPA Cams and CPA Network (200$/day)

Earn passive income by using CPA Cams and CPA Network (200$/day) Earn passive income by using CPA Cams and CPA Network (200$/day) Earn passive income by using CPA Cams and CPA Network (200$/day) Earn passive income by using CPA Cams and CPA Network (200$/day) Earn passive income by using CPA Cams and CPA Network (200$/day) Earn passive income by using CPA Cams and CPA Network (200$/day) Earn passive income by using CPA Cams and CPA Network (200$/day)

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